Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Air – Land

Air – Land is a site-specific art installation for one of the A-380 Passenger Bridges at Berlin’s new international airport, Berlin Brandenburg.

The idea for the project began with a curatorial prompt regarding the crossing of borders both concrete and conceptual. An international airport by definition facilitates not only crossings of politically defined boundaries, but also the vertical limits between land and air. As a suspended sculpture composed of thousands of translucent marbles shimmering above passengers moving to and from planes, the installation belongs to both ground and sky. Like a cloud joining the two realms together into a continuous object, illuminated by LEDs both warm and cool, it exists in a place not traditionally reserved for art, and for an audience perhaps without time for it, yet seeks to invite these travelers to take a reflective pause in order to consider the transitional reality through which they move.

LocationBerlin, Germany
TypeCivic / Culture / Sensors
AreaA-380 Passenger Bridge, BER
StatusInvited Competition
ClientFlughafen Berlin Schönefeld GmbH
TeamBettina Zerza, Principal
Christian Kotzamanis

Visualization: Ray Bartkus

Rendering: Hong Kim

Lighting Design: Zumtobel

Presentation: Markus Bonauer


Passenger Bridge